About Us

Our mission is to reduce emissions freight toward clean air for the future of our planet.

Clean air = clean 🌍

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. Bioway takes this seriously by making long haul transportation more sustainable.
🌿 100% “Clean Fleet”

We are the first company in Europe with the fleet of only LNG trucks that provides the transportation across the continent with minimal impact on environment.

♻️ Closing the circle

We have our own BioLNG/ LNG production, distribution, LCNG filling stations & LNG transportation.

👨 25 years of experience

Our employees have more than 25 years of experience in the long haul transportation, delivering great results thanks to embracing the best technology currently available for the fleet management.

The LNG Project

This project supports the adaptability to cope with the effects of climate change. It also offers additional security of energy supply, and stability of energy prices for the Visegrád countries, while decreasing the overall dependency on traditional fossil energy sources, as the supply of bio LNG is local and much more diversified than the supply of traditional fossil fuels.

We plan to build the LNG infrastructure in Slovakia and Czech Republic not only for our own fleet but also for other fleet operators and public.

L-CNG Filling Stations
LNG Stations along East - Med, Rhine - Danube and Baltic - Adriatic TEN-T corridors
BioLNG Production
Liquefaction facility with output of 25 tonnes of LNG per day
Green Logistics & Transport
80 LNG trucks ready to deliver cargo cost-effciently with reduction of PM CO2 and NOx

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